The Kubera Principle

25 Enlightening Secrets in Elden Ring!

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00:00 Rare Astel Attack
00:56 Fallingstar Beast’s Stages of Evolution
02:15 Hardest Rise Puzzle
02:59 Invisible Paths
04:27 Ways to Cross Invisible Paths
04:43 Attacking at Ledges
05:35 Items Behind the Sanctum
06:37 Weapon Scaling Secret
07:45 Soap
08:40 Deadly Rot
09:23 Deadly Poison
09:54 Merchant Violin
10:22 Merchant Feathers
10:54 How to Pause in Elden Ring
11:34 Rare Accords
12:13 Backup Shielding
12:39 Backstep Attacks
13:30 Invade Spamming
14:02 Songs of the Two Fingers
14:57 Scabbards Look Nice
15:50 The Jar of Warriors
17:10 Every Ruin Has an Underground
17:57 Flask QoL Changes
18:21 Rune QoL Changes
18:40 How to Beat Radahn at Low Level

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