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What it Actually Takes to Race a $500 Car for 24 Hours!

At last year’s endurance race, we failed badly blowing up our engine in only 15 laps… This year, the ChrisFix Soapy Wooder Racers are ready for their comeback! We spent a year rebuilding and swapping a junkyard motor into the car and fixing tons of small broken parts to make our endurance lemon BMW ready to race for 14hrs. Will we last more than 15 laps? Will the engine blow up again? Can we make it to the finish line after 14hrs of racing? Find out!

Oil Test Kit:
ChrisFix Extendable Ratchets: Coming Soon!!!!

Buying the Lemon BMW:
How to Replace Power Steering Pump:
Complete Weight Reduction Episode:
What Happened to the Lemons BMW:
How did the BMW Engine Blow Up?:
How to Install a Quick Release Steering Wheel:

0:00 Last year’s spun bearing
1:38 Starting year’s race
2:38 Tech inspection and drivers meeting
6:04 Race Starts
8:30 Gas pedal falls off
11:02 Black flag for sliding off track
15:21 Fuel starvation on long left turns
17:55 Aaron catches up to BisforBuild
20:39 End of race day 1
22:27 Hitting cone at 115mph
23:58 Contact with a Miata on the track
25:45 Passing 300 total laps
27:00 Miata crash
29:26 Checkered flag finish with the BMW
30:33 Oil Analysis
33:05 Conclusion

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