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Rich TVX Breaking News: The Bad Actors in the Western Balkans

Josep Borrell and Gabriel Escobar have colluded with all of these bad actors in the Western Balkans.

Rich TVX Breaking News: The Bad Actors in the Western Balkans

NEW YORK ( — This Rich TVX News Network bulletin title sort of tells you everything you need to know. Gabriel Escobar is the Deputy Assistant Secretary overseeing policy towards the countries of the Western Balkans and the Office of Press and Public Diplomacy. It is worth mentioning that Escobar said that Washington fully supports the recent decision of High Representative Christian Schmidt to amend the Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that Washington would not allow armed violence to break out in the region ever again. Stretched connection alert: Of course Gabriel Escobar forgot to say that there was massive electoral fraud in Bosnia, thanks to the High Representative Christian Schmidt. As far as the ongoing election theft and voter fraud in Republika Srpska is concerned, the pathetic and criminal Milorad Dodik regime is working assiduously to cover up the epic crime wave that actually began when the first votes were cast. Apparently, those powerful Josep Borrell and Gabriel Escobar aka Pinky and the Brain which secretly control the Western Balkans today have failed to realize that Milorad Dodik has won this election due to the massive fraud. Milorad Dodik has already made headlines when it comes to the scandalous election, but have you taken a look at the people who support it? Read the fully story here.

The Rich TVX News Network has a tremendous reputation worldwide.

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