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Taxman- The Beatles (Guitar Cover)

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Taxman is the opening song on Revolver, George’s first and only album opener while in the group

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The song has two count-ins to start the album. The original backing track has a 1, 2, 3 ,4 shout, right before the drums kick in (harder to hear). Then they overdubbed a second slower count in with coughing, reverse tape loops and a quiet guitar. I included this guitar intro in my cover. I believe this was Paul because it’s on the right stereo channel of the 2009 mix, the same as Paul’s other guitars

George played his Fender Stratocaster for the rhythm guitar. He either plugged into their Vox Ul730/7120 or Paul’s Fender Bassman to get that crunchy tone. For this part I’m using my Fender Strat into my 1965 Fender Bassman. I’m using a Klon KTR overdrive pedal

Paul famously played the ripping guitar solo on his Epiphone Casino. It’s unclear what amp he used, but (same as George) he either used a Bassman or Vox UL amp. It’s possible he used a Tone Bender mk1 fuzz pedal. I’m using my Epiphone Casino into the 65 Bassman, and an Aclam Doctor Robert overdrive pedal. This pedal is a clone of the Vox UL730 circuit

After Paul solos, he continues playing lead guitar at 1:31 The guitar volume fades up into a D note, meaning the engineer brought the volume up on the mixing console as the note is being played. This seems to imply that Paul played something before this, or messed up the D note right before. I recreated this effect in Pro Tools

The original ending to Taxman was not a fade out. George Martin cleverly copied the solo section and put it at the end of the song. So Paul only played the solo once, even though it appears twice. For the ending, I copied my solo from the middle of the song too

Interesting parts:
0:03 Paul slides up the G string for intro
0:22 George plays a normal C chord, not C7 here
0:49 George only hits the F note on B string (G7 chord)
1:28 Paul hits a single D note
1:31 Paul’s lead guitar fades in
1:50 Paul accidentally hits a ghost note on the g string
2:01 George hits a high B-flat note on the G7, and again at 2:08
2:28 George hits a single C note on the D7

My Gear:
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Klon KTR
Aclam Doctor Robert
Neumann TLM-103

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