The Kubera Principle

Skyrim this is what 4000+ hours looks like

Skyrim this what 4000+ hours looks like

A compilation of my most creative kills in Skyrim.
Skyrim creative stealth kills with Dishonored like gameplay.

Gameplay altering mods are disabled!

●My New Mod Load Order:

-Reforging To the Masses




-3rd Person Camera Overhaul

-Obsidian Weathers and Seasons

-Rudy’s ENB


-Dynamic Animation Replacer

-Adrees Library for SKSE Plugins

-Crouch Sliding

-No Spinning Death Animation

-Believable Weapons

-Katana Crafting SE

-Contractor Armor

-Raven Armor

-Berserk Judeau Armor

-Enchanced Blood Textures

-Skyland – A Landscaep Texture Overhaul

-Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants

-Folkvangr – Grass and Landscape Overhaul

-ApachiiSkyHair SSE

-Immersive Sounds – Compendium

-Silent Player SE

-JContainers SE

-Animation Motion Revolution

-(SGC) SkySA

-Ultimate Combat SE

-JH Combat Animation Pack

-Vanargand Animations – Sneak Idle Walk

-Vanargand Animation – Male Idle Walk

-Vanargand Animations – Sneak Attack

-YY Anim Replacer – Mystic Knight

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