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Skyrim Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters

Welcome to a brand new type of challenge! Skyrim Speedrunner Vs 4 Hunters! Ok well by brand new I really mean that I took an existingly great format cultivated by @Dream in minecraft and just hamfisted it into the skyrim together mod which has the netcode stability of crumbs. Today The Spiffing Brit will have to hunt down and assassinate 9 NPCs scattered across the holds of skyrim! However if any of the hunters manage to kill spiff that is it and the game is lost! If spiff manages to eliminate all NPCs (Including Nazeem) then he wins! However todays challenge is filled with twists, turns and crashes so who knows what wonderful skyrim multiplayer exploits will be discovered today! So get ready for skyrim together reborn pushed to its limits with all new styles of gameplay memes and challenges for spiff to deal with! Some have tried Skyrim co-op but today we try skyrim pvp!

A huge thanks to @Valefisk for helping with todays video

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00:00 – 4 HUNTERS v 1 SPIFF
00:26 – THE RULES
01:32 – Madness with M4NG0
01:45 – Gian the Iron Fist
03:20 – Killing Grelod the Kind (Riften)
05:00 – Getting the Staff of Paralysis
07:30 – Killing Karl (Dawnstar)
08:59 – Killing Ranmir (Winterhold)
10:00 – Killing Idessa (Windhelm)
11:52 – THE GREAT M4NG0 FIGHT of 2022
12:50 – Killing Jorgen (Morthal)
13:37 – Killing Mathies (Falkreath)
14:25 – Getting the Potion of Invisibility
16:18 – Killing Heimvar…? (Solitude)
18:25 – PvPvPvPvP!!!!
22:10 – Flame Cloak and Shadow Stone are OP
24:55 – Actually Killing Heimvar (Solitude)
26:00 – Killing Cairine (Markarth)
31:20 – Killing Nazeem…? (Whiterun)
37:00 – VICTORY
39:05 – Thank you and goodbye!

Title: Skyrim Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters

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