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Rimzee – 5am In Clapton ft Frogzy, Raph Racks (Official Music Video)


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Rimz, yo..

Don’t do tacky only rock if its factory,
Serving class A because I never had a plan B
Shit I’ve been through just to get here
But I never shed a tear, they gave my little brudda man 20 years
All this beef, I can’t remember having no quarrels,
Trap niggas were my role models
I know we all riders and judge wanna life us,
But tell me whos gonna guide us
Love my bros through the sun and the rain,
Risk it all fuck the fame. I just hope that we reading the same page
I pray for my bruddas then I pray for myself
I pray we never fall out over money or girls

I kept some real niggas close but I kept a burner closer,
Bite marks on my skin that shit came from a cobra
Pack came short, I gotta stretch it like yoga
Slide with just the driver, shooter and a chauffeur
Step with the best, had shootouts with the rest
I would’ve done that 30, I aint sliding for attempts
And I’m my brothers keeper I can say that with my chest
And i’m comfy in my hood, true i passed all my tests
I get permanent scars, you cant see them with your eyes
More than one toy if you see us on the glide.
Pentonville was down the road, but that journey felt long
They say the good die young,
And I don’t wanna be one
My nigga Ten gave me pack, he see the grinder in me
That nigga D gave man the strap, he see the rider in me
Man caught cases with Rimz, he kept it silent as me
If we aint put him to the test then he aint riding with me

(Raph Racks)
Out here tryna lick it feeling so knackered,
I just wanna hold more thousands than Old Trafford
My nigga Beezy he the realest,
Up in mans city got me feelin’ like Grealish
And all this sterling, niggas better pay correct
‘Cause bro got top and bottom coming like a maisonette
And we were jabbin’ niggas way beofre the NHS.
And this aint chequers my nigga, nah mans playing chess.
I just wanna get rich, constant urge
Rap shit opening doors like a concierge
Put runners on, no Diors.
Cleaning up the spot but we aint doing chores
This clean run feeling good, I had it too hard
Prosecutor had me eating tuna,
I made Stone hit Chatham
But then that phone got hot like Cuba,
Had to drop it like 2 bar

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