The Kubera Principle

Playing the world map until I beat my 2016 perfect score speed run

It was the video that really got the ball rolling on the “GeoguessrWizard” channel as it was then known. At the time it was a massive achievement and something that I toiled over for weeks, racking up hundreds of attempts in the process. 7 years later and with so much more experience under my belt, how many attempts will it take me to better the impressive time of 30:05 for a perfect score on the gruelling world map? Is the world map even gruelling any more? All will be revealed in this relaxed, nostalgic video.

PS: How not to travel America news: Episode 6 will be released next Sunday (12th Feb) at 8pm GMT (a day earlier for patreons)
I am currently filming a mission (one that was fairly out of the blue – all will be explained soon)

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