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Imminent Military Coup Threatens Russia: Prigozhin-Linked Channels Under Attack

Discover the latest developments as an ongoing assault by the Russian Defense Ministry targets Prigozhin-associated intelligence channels. Gain insights from our confidential Kremlin informant on the allegations of missile strikes and the looming military coup. Explore the factions involved, the emergence of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s alleged statement, and the objective of restoring justice. Stay informed on this breaking news story as it unfolds.

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Russian Ministry Denies Involvement in Assault on Wagner PMC Camps


As per Prigozhin-associated intelligence channels, an ongoing assault from the Russian Defense Ministry is being directed towards their operations. In response, our confidential Kremlin informant refrains from providing a commentary on Prigozhin’s allegations concerning the Russian Armed Forces’ missile strikes on Wagner PMC camps. Similarly, the informant refrains from offering any analysis on the attached video recording, deeming it indecipherable. However, our source asserts that the nation stands on the precipice of an impending military coup, with the instigators yet to be conclusively identified. Plausibly, both factions within the ruling party vie for this outcome, while the FSB and the Security Council adopt a position of neutrality. Recently, an alleged statement attributed to Yevgeny Prigozhin has emerged online, formally proclaiming the initiation of a military coup within Russia. Prigozhin’s statement cautions against resistance and warns that those who defy the unfolding events will face severe consequences. The coup’s objective appears to be the restoration of justice within the armed forces, followed by its extension throughout the entirety of Russia. It is noteworthy that one of the channels has disseminated a message declaring the commencement of a military coup attempt. This development qualifies as breaking news, and the story continues to evolve. Prigozhin declared his possession of a formidable force consisting of 25,000 mercenaries, with the entire army and nation serving as his “strategic reserve.” The oligarch extended an invitation for all individuals to join the cause of the military coup. Amidst the prevailing chaos, a statement has emerged from the Russian Ministry refuting any involvement in the assault on the camps belonging to the controversial private military company (PMC) known as “Wagner.” The ministry categorically dismissed the videos shared by the Prigozhin-associated individuals as fabricated and intended to provoke unrest.




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