The Kubera Principle

जब आप पहली बार Short Dress पहनते हो !!😱😱😢 #Shorts #TKFShorts

That awkwardness because of some scary staring people.
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Disclaimer –
This video is entirely a work of fiction. All the characters, locations, events, cultures, procedures of law, religious practice etc. portrayed in the series are purely fictitious in nature. Any resemblance bearing to the above is merely a coincidence. All events, views expressed, and the portrayal of the characters in the video are dramatized and the platform does not intend to defame/denigrate or hurt the sentiments of any person, organization, institution, profession, religion, cast, creed, community in any manner. The company/platform/producer do not endorse the views or opinions expressed in this video. Viewer discretion is advised. Masks were worn by the crew throughout the shoot and were removed by the actors only during the shooting intervals.

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