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Top 10 Worst Nuclear Disasters In History

Top 10 Worst Nuclear Disasters In History
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Nuclear power! Once thought to be the gateway to the future now it’s all about nuclear powers, as in who holds the biggest catalogue of nukes. Nuclear power inspired fear in the uneducated masses considering I think it’s dope which makes me right. Nuclear weapons don’t typically malfunction. They do exactly what you want them to do: Destroy literally everything in a mile wide radius. Nuclear power, on the other hand, seems to be fraught with accidental disaster (even though it’s ended near as many people as coal). These are the top 10 worst nuclear disasters in history.

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10. Castle Bravo
9. Baneberry Test
8. Windscale Fire
7. Damascus Titan Missile Explosion
6. Three Mile Island
5. Rocky Flats
4. Fukushima Daiichi Disaster
3. Kyshtym Nuclear Incident
2. Goldsboro B-52
1. Chernobyl Reactor

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