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The Mystery That Kicks Off The Beatles' Greatest Album

In August 1966, The Beatles unleashed an album that would forever change the course of pop music: Revolver. Its opening song – Taxman – literally counted in a bold new era. One of George Harrison’s three contributions to Revolver, Taxman also contains a mystery that has spurred a heated debate among Beatle fans: who is announcing the “1…2…3…4” count-in? Was it Paul McCartney? George Harrison? John Lennon? Or even Ringo Starr? We’ll investigate. And as a fair warning: you can’t unhear this.

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– Dave Rybaczewski
– The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn
– The Beatles Recording Reference Manual: Volume 4: The Beatles through Yellow Submarine (1968 – early 1969) by Jerry Hammack and Gillian G Gaar
– Recording the Beatles by Kevin Ryan & Brian Kehew

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