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The Most Radioactive Man in History – Hisashi Ouchi

What happened to the most radioactive man in history?

*The images have been blurred due to YouTube restrictions

This is the second episode in my series examining horrific true stories and true crimes from around the world.

A japanese man named Hisashi Ouchi was involved in an accident in which he was blasted with radiation. The dose was the highest any single living human had received in history. His harrowing experience after is a story of suffering no man, woman, child or animal should ever experience.

This video is exploring the terrifying experience of Ouchi and the medical team which desperately fought to save his life and reduce his suffering.

*Correction – during the section discussing how nuclear fuel rods are made the on screen graphics are incorrect. the formulas stated on screen are an error. I also address this error in the following podcast thanks to the commenters for pointing this out

to see the original documentary from which many images and videos were taken follow this link –

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