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The Makita Coffee Machine: A Bizarre Battery-Powered Brewer

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I’ve wanted to review this thing for ages, which perhaps gave me too much time to think about what kind of a review it should be…

Special thanks to the Meantime Chorus quartet!

Makita cordless coffee maker*:
Makita cordless kettle*:

0:00 Introduction
0:57 Setting the scene
2:35 How it works
3:54 A little tiny bit of battery mathematics
4:38 Weighing up the requirements
5:18 Brewing coffee
6:16 Powering the brewer
7:25 Java Jive Squarespace
8:46 Tasting the brew
9:57 Comparing with an AeroPress brew
10:17 Makita kettle (!) & workflow
12:41 A tasting and concluding thoughts


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