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Speedrunner vs 4 Hunters – Terraria Manhunt

In this video, 4 Hunters try to prevent me from entering Hardmode or advancing further into the game. Will they succed? Or will I defeat the Wall of Flesh or any boss in Hardmode. You will get to find out. This is the first 4v1 game and it was really fun. The world size is Medium, since there are more players and everyone needs to get resources and loot.

This was inspired by Dream’s Manhunt videos. Because Terraria is built different, new rules had to be added.

I do not own any songs in any form or shape.
Music used:
Prelude – Terraria Otherworld OST
Action Sports
Below the Surface – Terraria Otherworld OST
Dark Electronic Cinematic – Denis Kotenko
Rhythm and Melody Elements – Robert Valenti
Fighting off the Invasion – Terraria Otherworld OST
Rob McAllister – Heist Prep Montage
Do the Funky Strut
There Is No Escape (Trailer Music)
Stardew Valley OST – Mines (Visitor To The Unknown)
Suspense Music Bed
French Bossa Nova – Frank Cogliano
Sky Guardian (feat. Tina Guo) – Terraria Otherworld OST
War Drums
Super Hero is Born
Diego Martinez – Snap Swing

Thanks to the hunters that joined this time.
Links to their channels:




Cataclysmic Armageddon

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