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Rich TVX Breaking News Alert: Russia’s Losses in Ukraine

Discover the latest intelligence on Russia’s losses in Ukraine, including fatalities and injuries, as reported by the FSB and Ministry of Defense. Learn about the discrepancies in casualty figures and possible reasons behind them.

Russia’s Losses in Ukraine

New York ( —

According to intelligence gathered by the Federal Security Service (FSB), Russia has suffered a significant loss of personnel in Ukraine, totaling at least 110,000 individuals. This figure, however, is at odds with the data provided by the Ministry of Defense, which suggests a lower number of casualties. The New York Times, citing confidential Pentagon documents, reports that the casualties include both fatalities and injuries. The FSB has reason to suspect that the Ministry of Defense is intentionally obscuring the true extent of these losses by omitting information on the casualties sustained by the Russian Guard, militants from the private military company known as “Wagner”, and units dispatched from Chechnya to Ukraine.

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