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Rings of Power Episode 8 -Season finale – HONEST REVIEW | Lord of the Rings on Prime

Hello friends and foes of Middle-earth and welcome to this last breakdown of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Episode 8. In this review I’ll go through some of the worst things in episode 8 and breakdown some of the many issues this series has. At the end I’ll give scores for various elements like story, lore, cinematography, dialogue, acting etc. And in this last review of the Rings of Power I will also give points for the season overall.
As many of you know, I was not that optimistic about the show and many of my fears were confirmed as The Rings of Power seem more like a fan-fiction than a faithful adaptation of Tolkien’s works. Episode 8 Sadly confirmed many of my worst fears and even exceeded them at times.

The Stranger is found by the witches in southern Mirkwood or Eryn Lasgalen as the forest was called before the darkness grew. They falsely believe he is Sauron. The Harfoots show up to save him and he sends the three witches into the wraith world, somehow. There are many indications pointing towards him being a young Gandalf, which makes absolutely no sense lore-wise. At the end he takes off with Nori/ Elanor possibly towards Rhûn to find the stars he has been looking for.

On Númenor not much happens. Elendil reveals himself to be a member of the Faithful. Míriel is still blind. And Tar-Palantír dies of old age or sickness. Elendil’s made-up daughter Eärien also finds the Palantír hidden in the tower of Armenelos.

In Eregion Halbrand is healed with elven medicine in a few seconds. He then shows up at Celebrimbor’s forge and give him some advice on how to melt the mithril and use it for crafting. Galadriel gets suspicious and ask a random elf to find a scroll about the lineage of the kings of the Southlands. When Galadriel confronts him about it he reveals himself to be Sauron.
Yes Halbrand is Sauron – hardly a surprise to anyone.
He then teleports her or something to Valinor and she talks to Finrod again, who is Sauron in disguise. Galadriel sees through him and then they are suddenly on the raft again. Sauron/ Halbrand tells him that he wants Galadriel to be his queen… But she’s not having it.
Elrond drags her out of the the river Glanduin and then she suggests to make 3 rings instead of 2 objects. And then Celebrimbor crafts the 3 elven rings, despite the fact that they were the last of the rings to be crafted, except The One Ring.

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