The Kubera Principle

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I thought it would be fitting to make a science video, seeing as how I have a scientific background as a chemical engineer. Radioactive chemistry was one of my favorite topics back in university, so I hope to spread the love of science, physics, and chemistry with this video!

The word “radiation” often will often cause hair to stand on end ever since the end of the Cold War, however without it, life as we know it could not exist! While often associated with nuclear weapons and fallout, radiation is much more than the scary disasters we read about in the news. Simply put, radiation is just the transmission of energy through particles or waves through space or material mediums, meaning all the warmth, light, and colors you experience in this beautiful world are a direct result of radiation!

I hope you enjoy this surface level dive into the topic of radiation, but please, if this topic interests you feel free to peruse a handful of the sources I used below:

Difference Between Electromagnetic Radiation and Nuclear Radiation

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