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Hollow Knight – Speedrunner vs. 4 Hunters ft. @BlueSR @mys3cretskill @Mulhima @KAdala

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Welcome to Hollow Knight Speedrunner vs. Hunters! As the speedrunner, my goal is to beat the game within the time limit, but if I die, I lose five minutes off the clock! Hunters have to stop me from beating the game by slowing me down or getting kills. This is the best version of Hollow Knight Speedrunner vs. Hunters yet.

PLAYERS: @BlueSR @mys3cretskill @Mulhima @KAdala
KAdala for Student Knight skin
ExtremelyD1 for HKMP (Multiplayer Mod)
DwarfWoot for the HKMP server
Mulhima for HKMP HealthDisplay
Video Edit by Pye


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0:00 Introduction
0:28 Surfshark VPN Sponsorship
1:39 Manhunt
45:34 Post-Game Discussion
46:48 Pantheon of God Gamers

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