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Dumb Test for Smart People | Geogasm VS @GeoWizard Geoguessr Play Along Challenge

I take on the legendary geoguessr @GeoWizard in this nail-biting geogasmic Dumb Test for Smart People Play Along Challenge. Who can better distinguish the fakes from the originals – and find them on the map?

You, my dear geo-co-gasmer, are also invited to the party! Can you beat us both?

Click on the following link to play this challenge:

GeoWizard’s original video:

* * *

1. the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of geographic excitation, usually resulting from pinpointing one’s exact location in the world based on Google Street View images. Achieving this sensation requires knowledge of geography, languages and culture, as well as logic and detective skills – combined with tenacity and a whole lot of luck.

I’m not Rainbolt. I’m not even GeoWizard. I’m just a regular guy hell-bent on improving in this fun and educational game. Consider their content professional geoguessing porn that will make you feel excited, yes, but also inadequate; consider mine a grainy and occasionally awkward leaked home video that will make your geoguessors oddly tingly while providing moments of triumphant superiority.

Join me in my quest for the ever elusive geogasm!

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