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DARK! Family ANNIHILATOR Anthony Todt | Disney World Picture Perfect Family | He Killed Them ALL

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Anthony Todt who goes by Tony murdered his whole family including the dog in December of 2019. He was a physical therapist and his wife Megan was a yoga instructor as well as a wonderful mother who homeschooled their children. Megan was so loved and well known in the community and her and Tony were married for 20 years. Why would he do such a thing?! Could it be mental illness? Selfishness? The Feds closing in on him because of fraud? Or maybe its just in him… like it allegedly was his father as well Robert Todt. Back in 1980 Robert, Tonys dad was arrested and accused of hiring a teenager with learning disabilities to kill his wife/Tonys mother. Its a mess! What do you think?

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