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Daily Duppy (Lyrics) by Jordan

Jordan (Lyrics) by

Daily Duppy Lyrics:

Like been on meets seen kids get splattered
13 seen a kid with a mackers
I’m the one that trackered the trackers, jacked the jackers and clapped at the clappers
So I don’t give a fuck, yeah we’ve done mazzas
I roll with kids that have done
Before I made a song had nuff’ hammers
I don’t like guys bruv fuck rappers
Just last week done another napping
Proved my point now I’m done chatting
Everybody knows what the fuck happened (Mmm)
This clouts a disease, all I see is jealousy and greed
I don’t fit in on the music scеne, the games gеtting run by fucking geeks
What the fucks going on, somebodies gotta speak
Somebodies gotta speak
I ain’t in this race, don’t want to compete, don’t want the most followers, want the most streams
I’m in my own lane going at my own speed cos I’ll end up whacking one of these geeks
These little kids, they ain’t even lived about chicks and dripping now they whip and they dip, one minute they’re Blood next minute they’re Crip
I see through all of that shit
Seen them all on vids saying fuck where they live, how could I respect these divs
I don’t care who you shot, don’t care what you did I can see it in your eyes you’re a little bitch
About opp blocks and dot dots, they don’t know what’s what
They don’t know what top cost, they ain’t seen a mans whole head get popped off
Two smoking barrels like lock stock, I went to the door and knock knock
Then I pop shots, all the roads that I locked off
I know these racists pricks don’t like me, cos I’m lively, big fat white pikey
I’m in Salford everyday come find me
I know these racists pricks don’t like me, cos I’m lively, big fat white pikey
Just strapped up in a [?] in Glasgow, Paddy’s in Derry ready to let straps blow
All around the UK they play my tracks bro before they go bang poles or on the way to slap rows (Agh)
Fancy my music puts them in graft mode, cos they know I lit up more streets than a lamppost
Yeah I’m banned from my home town because I fucking banged up my whole town
And I still get temptations like Motown, to go door to door like [?] blow rounds leave the whole fucking place smoked out

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