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Crossing the Street Shouldn't Be Deadly (but it is)

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Crossing the street should be safe, convenient, and easy, but it isn’t. And that’s because in the US and Canada, the roads are designed for exactly one purpose: to move lots of cars as quickly as possible.

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This video contains media licensed from Getty Images

0:00 Intro
0:54 It’s about moving cars
1:39 Beg buttons
2:23 Right turn on red
3:21 Why do we all go at the same time?
4:05 Countdown timers
4:35 Traffic engineers don’t care about you
5:27 Everything is so far away
5:50 Slip lanes suuuuuuck
6:27 A wide road in Amsterdam
7:03 Smarter, independent traffic signals
8:31 Two-phase crossings
9:24 Out damned beg buttons!
9:59 Roads designed for safety, not speed
11:10 Stop signs and minor junctions
12:26 Continuous sidewalks (yay!)
14:29 Jaywalking is bullshit
17:47 The Netherlands wasn’t always like this
19:00 Mid-block zebra crossings (“Ah, Jesus!”)
20:36 Raised crossings and speed bumps
21:38 Over-engineered bullshit (HAWK crossings)
23:08 Concrete trenches in the sky (pedestrian bridges)
24:45 WTF (pedestrian crossing flags)
26:13 We know how to keep pedestrians safe, we just don’t
28:00 Conclusion
29:08 How to make the world a better place
31:08 Patreon shout-out

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