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Breaking News: President Zelensky Exposes Putin’s Plot to Sabotage Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant

President Zelensky’s alarming revelation exposes Putin’s plot to sabotage the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Uncover the details of this sinister plan and its implications for Ukraine’s security. Stay informed about the escalating tensions and geopolitical dynamics in the region.

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Apocalyptic Scenario

The release of the Chronicles of an Apocalypse series by the Rich TVX News Network was met with ridicule from Serbian and Russian individuals labeled as traitors and troublemakers. Nonetheless, the unfolding events increasingly align with the depicted scenario. Less than 24 hours ago, we brought to light Vladimir Putin’s alarming focus on the Kursk nuclear power plant, designating it as the primary objective for a potential and devastating nuclear incident. During an interview with NBC News, Vladimir Zelensky expressed concerns regarding Russia’s purported plot to sabotage the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. He implied that Russia’s indifference towards Ukraine’s security and their continuous pursuit of destabilization serve as underlying motives. Zelensky believes that Russia aims to manipulate international pressure on Ukraine to achieve their desired resolution to the conflict.

Action Plan

In a significant development, US President Joe Biden has indicated his willingness to facilitate Ukraine’s path to NATO membership. As per CNN reports, Biden may offer Kyiv the opportunity to bypass the traditional NATO Membership Action Plan, which entails fulfilling certain requirements for joining the military alliance. This proposal was put forward by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during his recent meeting with Biden in Washington. During a recent video conference with representatives of the Kremlin power bloc, Vladimir Putin and Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev engaged in a heated disagreement. Putin revealed his plans to deploy Chechen fighters under Ramzan Kadyrov’s command to counter saboteurs in the Belgorod region. Patrushev strongly opposed this decision, arguing that the situation could be handled without involving the “Kadyrovites.” He expressed concerns about the potential imbalance and negative impact on the previously stable and prosperous Belgorod region that increased influence of Kadyrov’s representatives could bring. Patrushev believed that the “Kadyrovites” would extend their activities beyond border defense and significantly affect the region’s crime situation.

Patrushev Objections

In response, Putin dismissed these concerns, stating that he not only welcomed such a development but also intended to offer Kadyrov control over strategically important areas. Putin proposed that if Kadyrov’s fighters could stabilize the border situation in the Belgorod region, he would grant him control over the region during peacetime. Additionally, Putin planned to assign the border regions of Kursk and Bryansk to Kadyrov’s fighters. Despite Patrushev’s strong objections and weighty arguments, the President remained resolute in his decision. Patrushev eventually pointed out the absurdity of seeking protection from Ukrainians by involving Chechens while simultaneously handing over Russian territories and people to Kadyrov. Putin, however, asserted that his decision was final and that further consultation was unnecessary. In response, Patrushev candidly stated, “So you will lose the war not only in Ukraine but also in Russia.”


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Intriguing Events

It is worth noting that Patrushev did not remain passive, and we can anticipate a series of intriguing events in the near future as a result of this disagreement. Yesterday, attending physicians informed President Putin that he has brain metastases. Witnesses observed the President being visibly shaken by this news and desperately seeking information on his prognosis. The doctors, however, offered encouragement, suggesting that fighting the illness was both possible and necessary, emphasizing that there are chances of success. While the doctors had been aware of the brain metastases for some time, they had refrained from informing Putin based on recommendations from his inner circle and family. Now that Putin is aware, the impact of this knowledge on his decision-making process will become evident in the near future.

Delayed Invitation

Ukraine is expected to receive a delayed invitation to join NATO, bypassing the traditional candidate status. The proposal, supported by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and President Joe Biden, aims to bridge differences within the alliance. This move goes beyond the comfort zone of most NATO states and aims to alleviate Putin’s concerns in Europe. While concerns remain about potential tensions with Russia, the compromise represents a significant step forward. Until recently, the idea of extending an invitation to NATO, especially during an existential war with Russia, seemed improbable. Now, it is becoming a tangible reality.

Ukrainian Interests

In six months, the situation may be even more favorable for Ukraine, and none of the NATO members will be deterred by the fear of Ukraine joining during a war. This is especially true since Kyiv has steadfast partners such as Poland and the Baltic states, which are already advocating for a resolution to the “Ukrainian issue.” Moreover, Stoltenberg, the pro-Ukrainian advocate, will remain in office for another year. Consequently, NATO might reach Crimea even faster than Podolyak. It is predicted that Kyiv’s reaction will be discreetly dissatisfied. Ukraine understandably expects an invitation “right away.” Furthermore, the Secretary General’s initiative does not address the issue of security guarantees. However, Biden’s position can also be understood, as he must balance strengthening the pro-Ukrainian coalition with preserving NATO’s unity. Every passing day and month further advance Ukrainian interests, gradually exposing Putin’s bluff and his alleged “SVO” (sphere of influence) objectives.

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