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Let’s look at the 20 Most Incredible LEGO World Records
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In this video, you will see 20 astonishing LEGO World Records ranging from the largest Life Size LEGO Creations to innovative LEGO robots and mechs – There are also LEGO World records for speed building LEGO sets, the most LEGO minifigures, and much MORE! Watch this entire video to see all 20 world records, and be sure to comment your favorite!

One of these LEGO World Records uses over 5 MILLION LEGO BRICKS!

Some of my favorite LEGO World Records from this video include: The Largest LEGO Airplane, Largest LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Collection, Longest LEGO Bridge, Full Size LEGO House, and the LEGO World Record at number 1…

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