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10 Most Dangerous Exotic Fruits That Can Kill You

From an unsuspecting berry that kills its victims to the most dangerous fruit in the world, known as the “Death Apple!” Here are ten exotic fruits that can kill you!

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10: Durian
Ask any backpacker traveling around Southeast Asia what their favorite fruit is and they will almost always say durian. Many people in America don’t know about this unusual fruit, but it’s quite popular on the other side of the planet, and is treasured by the locals.

9: Yellow Star Fruit
Yellow star fruit looks tasty and does in fact taste delicious. The bright yellow color of this fruit makes your mouth water just thinking about it. But sometimes the most appetizing-looking berries end up being the most poisonous or toxic of them all.

8: Apricot Kernels
Apricot seeds or apricot kernels might look delicious, and yes, they might also be healthy, but ironically they’re also kind of deadly. Some people believe that apricot seeds are able to cure cancer because they have incredibly high levels of vitamin B17, which is often used to boost a person’s immune system.

7: Autumn Berries
Autumn berries come from the European spindle tree. It’s a relatively innocent-looking plant that provides food for all kinds of woodland creatures, from birds to insects. The tree is also the result of many poisonings! The spindle tree’s autumn berries may look tasty, but large quantities can cause excessive stomach pain, violent nausea, and some seriously uncomfortable diarrhea.

6: Jatropha Fruit
Jatropha fruit can be found in India and a few other neighboring countries. Throughout the years, there have been many cases of this green fruit causing hospitalizations in both children and adults. This fruit is famous for causing severe pain, and this has resulted in it being nicknamed the black vomit nut.

5: Ackee Fruit
The ackee fruit is native to West Africa and it also happens to be the national fruit of the island nation of Jamaica. As you can imagine, the fruit comes from the ackee tree, which can grow to be an incredible 40 feet (12m) in height.

4: Buckthorn Berries
Buckthorn berries may not be from a hot exotic place, but they still deserve a mention among the other toxic berries for just how deadly they can be. Buckthorn grows in urban areas, in woodlands, and even in metro areas in busy cities.

3: Cherry Seeds
A lot of people assume that cherries come from North America. And while it’s true that some cherries do grow naturally in several different places in North America, the largest concentration of natural cherry trees is actually in Japan and Korea.

2: The Death Apple
The manchineel tree is perhaps the most dangerous tree in the world. These trees produce small green apples that are highly poisonous. Not only should you not eat these apples, typically known as death apples, but you shouldn’t even handle them.

1: Elderberries
Elderberries are some of the most poisonous berries in the world. There are also some of the most commonly used. Elderberries come from the branches of the elderberry tree, and they are used frequently in jams, wine, and even tea.

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